Why It’s Crucial to Have a Real Estate Agent When Buying New Construction

Have you been thinking of buying new construction in Johnston County? Maybe you’ve even been to a few model homes already, talked to the on-site agent to get the details, taken tours of spacious open floorplans and glossy gourmet kitchens… You might’ve even considered foregoing using your own agent, since the on-site agent was so helpful.

Stop! Before you go any further, you need to know just how important it is for you to have your own agent. Here’s why having a buyer’s agent is so critical when buying new construction.

The On-Site Agent Works for the Builder

agent working for the builder

That smiling, helpful agent who showed you around the property… they don’t work for you. They work solely on behalf of the builder, and that means they’re trying to get the best deal for their client, not for you. Bottom line: they’re going to try to get you to pay the HIGHEST price for the MINIMAL amount of included features.

Doesn’t sound like such a great deal any more, right?

A Buyer’s Agent Has YOUR Interests in Mind

agent helping buyers look at homes

If a builder’s agent is trying to get the highest price, your agent is going to try to get you the LOWEST price possible—or at least the greatest number of add-ons and upgrades at no charge. In other words, your agent is going to get you the best deal he or she can.

The Straight Facts on Every Home

getting the specific details on a home

When you tour a model home filled with amazing features and beautiful finishes, what that seller’s agent likely isn’t telling you is that many of those features and finishes are “upgrades”—and they cost extra. The “base price” that agent gives you will often not include all the model home’s features.

When you work with an agent that represents you, it’s their job to determine what’s included, what’s extra, and how much you’re ultimately going to pay for the features you want.

Creative Negotiations

negotiating with a real estate agent

Here’s the thing about buying new construction. A lot of times, the builder won’t negotiate on price. If they drop the price for one home, they have to drop the price for all the rest, right? This is where having an experienced agent on your side really comes in handy—your agent will know how to get you more without a heftier price tag.

For example, that final price might be fixed, but maybe your agent negotiates it to include granite counters, tile flooring, or crown molding.

An Eye on the Details

taking a closer look at what a home has to offer

Just because a home is brand new, doesn’t mean it’s going to be perfect or without problems. Your real estate agent can help you prepare for any potential shortcomings down the road—namely by including contingencies in your offer that will protect you in the event that something falls through on either your end or the builder’s end.

One very important contingency many new-home buyers overlook is the inspection. It’s very important to hire your own home inspector to take a good look at your home once it’s been completed—even if the builder has their own home inspector.

Helpful Resources & Recommendations

buyers picking out colors with the help of an agent

A real estate agent is a wealth of resources and information, and your own agent will likely be less biased than the builder’s agent. Looking for financing? Your agent can probably recommend several reputable sources in the area, where the builder may have their own financing partnership they push you towards.

Your real estate agent may also be able to help you find a good home inspector, closing attorney, and more. Your agent can even tell you which local builders are good—and which are overpriced or don’t have the most satisfied customers.

Remember: It’s FREE

working with a buyer's agent when buying a new construction home

You read that right. Working with a buyer’s agent does not cost you any money. That’s because the seller, not the buyer, pays both agents’ commission. So by choosing not to work with a real estate agent when buying a new construction home, you’re basically giving the builder a deal—and they’re probably not going to give you one in return.

Ready to Find Your Johnston County New Construction Home?

Are you thinking of buying new construction in Johnston County? Then it’s time to contact me, Teresa Byrd. I’m here to help you explore the area, discover its beautiful communities, and find the perfect home for your unique needs.

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