The 6 Best New Construction Upgrades Totally Worth the Investment

When building a new construction home, you’re often given the option of adding on additional features and finishes, from granite counters to bonus rooms or lofts. But all those add-ons can definitely add up! So… which are worth the extra money and which aren’t?

Here are the best new construction upgrades worth the investment.

All the Kitchen Things

Beautiful kitchen interior with island, two sinks, hardwood floors, and view of living room with vaulted ceilingsKitchens sell homes, so don’t be afraid to make yours the best it can be, complete with all the bells and whistles. If you can’t afford to really go crazy, start with the big stuff, the “bones” of the kitchen, like taller cabinets, a kitchen island, and LED under-cabinet lighting.

Bonus add-ons: Energy-efficient appliances, granite or solid-surface countertops, microwave drawers, pull-out pantries.

Sturdy Flooring

beautiful hardwood flooring in a new construction homeYour flooring takes a lot of wear-and-tear over the years, and when it comes to selling, the state of your floors can make a big difference to the state of your sale. Opt for natural, long-lasting options, like bamboo, or scratch and water-resistant options like laminate.

More Lighting

well lit new construction homeYou can never have too much light, even if you’re not using it all. If you can opt for more lighting, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, go for it. Just be cautious about wasting money upgrading to “high end” light fixtures, as those offered by the builder are likely just a waste of money.

Energy Efficient Features

energy efficient washer and dryerNot only are they good for your resale value, they’re good for your wallet each and every month! After all, why pay more to heat, cool, or light your home when you could pay less? Opt for energy efficient windows, appliances, and HVAC systems to improve your home’s monthly costs and usage. Additional attic insulation or high-end insulation can also help improve your home’s efficiency.

Bigger, Better Closets

walk-in closet with dressing roomLike too much lighting, too much closet space simply doesn’t exist. So if you’re trying to decide between a bonus room and a walk-in closet, the closet is probably the better way to go. (Plus, your shoes will thank you later!)

A Roomier Garage

roomy two-car garage and a second one-car garageI don’t just mean one-car vs two-car… the size of the actual two-car garage matters, too! Is this a tight economy-car sized two-car garage or a roomy garage with space for two SUVs? Because that definitely makes a difference!

Are You Building New Construction in Johnston County?

Are you relocating to or buying a new home in Johnston County, NC? Then it’s time to contact me, Teresa Byrd. I’m here to answer all your new construction questions, help you explore the area, and make sure you find the perfect new home in just the right location.

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