Buying New Construction? Here’s What You Need to Know

Buying a new construction home is pretty exciting, whether you’re going pre-built, adding a few customizations, or building from the ground up. But there are a few things to keep in mind throughout the process to make sure you’re getting what you want at the price you expect!

Here’s what you need to know about buying a new construction home.

Finding an Agent Comes First

find a realtor first when buying new constructionWhen you walk into a model home or onto a new construction site, the agent that greets you with a bright and cheery smile is NOT there to help you! That agent is working for the builder and their primary goal is to sell homes at the highest price possible.

Don’t make the mistake of far too many new-home buyers by (sometimes inadvertently) signing on with that agent. Find your own Buyer’s agent first!

Not All Builders are Created Equal

research builders before buying new constructionBefore you purchase a home, do some research. There are a lot of great local builders in the Johnston County area, so chances are, you’ll do just fine. But some are definitely better than others, in terms of quality, timing, and customer service.

Before you decide to work with any builder, check out some of their previous work. Talk to past clients, if possible. And always check with your Realtor for their opinions.

New Subdivisions Can Be Great… Or Not

touring a new subdivision when buying new constructionA new neighborhood may seem really nice. All those new homes, and talk about spectacular amenities! But there are some things to check out before you decide on a neighborhood. For example, lots of amenities can mean costly HOA fees. New neighborhoods also may not be set up for cable or internet, so make sure they are (or can be). You’ll want to check out things like water and plumbing services, as well as zoning laws.

Another thing you’ll want to research is future development plans. A subdivision might seem private and secluded now… but are there plans to develop that empty lot next door? Will the subdivision be expanded and become crowded?

Model Homes Have a Lot of Features That Aren’t Standard

touring a home when buying new constructionYou walked inside and… fell in LOVE with the model! And with prices starting well within your budget, it all seems so perfect. The key words to keep in mind here are “prices” and “starting”… particularly that last one. Before you start getting carried away, find out what features come standard with that base pricing, and which will be extra.

You Still Need an Inspection

getting a home inspection when buying new constructionIt’s brand-new! Everything’s perfect, and it passed a builder’s inspection after all, right? Don’t ever assume this is the case. Just like with any home purchase, you’ll always want to give yourself the option to have the home thoroughly inspected by a professional of your choice.

Warranties are a Big Perk, But Aren’t Always Included

finding out about home warrantiesYou’ll also want to ask the builder about what warranties are included with the home. Most builders will include a few, like a structural warranty. Warranties for appliances are typically covered by the manufacturers. You’ll want to find out which are included, which companies provide them, and how long they last.

Negotiations May Work Differently

negotiations during a home saleIn most home sales, the price is the big negotiating factor. But since builders don’t often tend to drop their prices (drop one, and they have to drop them all), you may have to look for other ways to get more for your money or pay less.

You may consider asking the builder to pay some of your closing costs, or to provide add-on features at no additional cost.

You’ll Never Find a More Move-In Ready Home!

moving in to a new construction homeThe best thing about buying new construction is that you can literally just move right in… nothing else needed! Forget removing wallpaper or painting, deep-cleaning carpets, refinishing floors, replacing light fixtures or doorknobs. Just bring your boxes and start unpacking!

Are You Thinking of Buying a New Home in JoCo?

If you’re considering buying a new construction home in Johnston County, then it’s time to contact me, Teresa Byrd. I’ve got extensive experience in working with builders and buyers alike, and I can help make recommendations for great new neighborhoods and top-notch builders.

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